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Multifunctional Hammer mills,wood chips crusher

Wood chips hammer mills.
Corn hammer crusher

Biomass SG series multifunctional hammer mill

Multifunctional hammer mill is our approved products and it comes with the water cooling system.It mainly grinds the waste rubber,PVC foming board and all kinds of wood pieces,stalk,ect.Structure reasonable,firm durable,safe reliable,operation easy,the vibration small and the efficiency is high.

The hammer mill is widely used in the professions such as biomass fuel factory,power station,fodder factory,cultivation factory,organic fertilizer factory,Chinese medicine,chemical industry and so on.

Characterastics of the multifunctional hammer mill

1)Machine hammers make high quality and long liftime,

2) This hammer mill can grind all kinds of materials of pellet feed, such as corn, sorghum, grain, legumes, broken cake pellet and others.

3)Pass is a combination of negative pressure, reduces wear on the impeller of the fan

4) Building in rotor, grind the raw material with no dead angle, finished products would be more even.

Technical Parameters

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